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the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Sounds pretty simple when you put it like that doesn’t it?

There’s a bit more to it than that, it begins with getting to know you, your business and your product (part of the research bit). Without that understanding and belief there is no way that we can promote your business.

We won’t work with a brand or product we personally don’t believe in, it’s not an issue of ‘ethics’ it’s just a simple case of we can’t do our best for you if we don’t believe in the product, so why waste everyones time? Refreshingly honest eh?

Next we want to know who you’re selling (or aiming to sell to), again this is a huge part of our arsenal when it comes to best promoting what you do, if you don’t know the answer, we can help you find out who your audience is.


It’s all very well having the best product in the world, but it doesn’t matter a dime if no-one knows about it. This is where PR comes in, whilst PR has suffered a bit of a bad reputation in the past few years as an excuse for people to be paid to go and enjoy themselves at nice events, we believe it’s a bit different to that. There’s a pattern emerging here…

This is where the old adage of ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ rings true. There’s no point in promoting your homegrown organic wagyu beef burgers to a vegetarian audience, the old scatter gun approach of sending a press release out to everyone on your mailing list is old hat now.

Having spent collectively more years than we’d care to remember in the industry we’ve built up an impressive collection of names and numbers (well, emails as well) in our Filofaxes. (incidentally James, our founder worked for them in a former life)

Our ability to find the right person to put your product in front of is something we’re very proud of, and if we don’t know the right person, we’ll find out who it is.

The result? You spend less money and get your product in front of people who are actually interested in it, who in turn will promote to an audience that is also interested in it. No Big Macs to the Vegan Society here…

Like it or loathe it, social media is here to stay.

Whether you want to start from scratch, or you’ve already got a presence that is taking too much time to manage we can help out.

We offer a range of social media plans from just £XXX per month, which include an amount of posts/interactions across a variety of channels, this is a simple way of keeping your content current and relevant and means you don’t need to worry about looking after it, these are available as a month by month package, or available in ‘bulk’ packages whereby you pay for 6 months up front and as a thank you we’ll give you a 7th month for free. All packages include monthly reports on how your profiles are performing.

If you’re after something a little more bespoke, we can offer that as well. A recent example being a group we set up on Facebook recently which focuses on Chinese Takeaway style cooking at home. This group achieved the enviable accolade of over 1000 members within 1 month of its inception as well as having mentors including 2 of the biggest names in Chinese takeaway style cookery, namely Kwoklyn Wan (author of the ‘Chinese Takeaway Cookbook’ a number one best seller on Amazon, and brother of Gok Wan) and Chin Taylor of ‘Ziangs Oriental Food Workshop’ on YouTube, a channel with over 40k subscribers. We let our results speak for themselves.

Long considered a black art, and it should be. SEO has come a long way since the early days of keyword stuffing and backlinking to everything possible.

Again, we like to do things a little differently (there’s a thing!). We don’t advocate PPC (pay per click), there you go, we said it.

We don’t believe in paid search, lets be honest, who actually clicks on the adverts on Google? If you do, you shouldn’t, it probably won’t be what you’re looking for anyway.

In our view ‘organic’ growth is where it’s at in terms of search engine optimisation, what this means is providing quality results that deliver the content that people actually want and are looking for, we’re not the only ones that think this either, Google actually rewards and consequently lists sites that fit these goals higher up the listings.

We also won’t go chasing the end of the rainbow, if you make the best artisan gin in the world, we won’t be trying to hit number one on Google for gin. Whilst that number one spot for ‘gin’ may seem like the holy grail (should that be grain?) does it actually match the customer profile you’re looking for? Probably not. They’re more likely to search for longer key phrases such as ‘artisan gin sussex’ (incidentally Google this and see who comes up #1, yes its one of our clients).

We’re constantly keeping an eye on how Google is evolving and changing how it rates things, we attend regular seminars and events to make sure we’re firmly on the pulse when it comes to search.

Still undecided? well we have plenty of proven examples of how successful we are at SEO, so if it’s something you’re looking for, then give us a call or drop us an email and we can discuss it further.

Corporate Identity/Logo Design

A massive part of your brand is its identity. It is more often than not, the first thing a client will see regarding your products.

Whether you already have a corporate identity, or are looking for an update or a fresh start we are able to help out. We’ve had years and years experience in the design industry so are able to draw on that to offer you the best solution for you requirements.

Whilst many companies are quite happy to simply design a logo for you, which is fine, when it’s on the computer screen, that’s where we differ.

We’ll discuss with you what your requirements are for a logo, is it simply going to be used in a ‘ink on paper’ basis, or are you planning on using it on clothing, vehicles, exhibition material or products themselves. We ardently believe that it’s best to discuss these requirements at the outset, rather than deal with the inevitable when it happens. When we design an identity for you, we’ll supply all the variants you will need, so you’ll get web-ready graphics (low resolution RGB), print ready (high resolution CMYK), mono black and white (suitable for clothing etc.) and a vector version which is infinitely scalable, and ideal for things such as vehicle graphics.

Design for Print

Having worked in the printing trade, we are fully aware of how important it is to supply the right artwork, not only will it produce the best results (perhaps somewhat obviously), but also it will keep the printers happy. Nothing is more frustrating for a printer than receiving an American Letter sized word document which then needs resizing to fit on A4, or something that has been exported out of Powerpoint.
Much like many things, use the right ingredients, and you’re well on the way to a better finished article.
We can offer a range of different services in terms of design for print, from simple advice on what and how to produce it, artwork checking and amending of existing artwork (to avoid the Powerpoint issue previously mentioned) or a full design service from scratch.

Other Design Services

As well as design for print, we can also provide design services for items such as vehicle liveries, packaging, exhibition stands, you can find out more about that here.